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Questions about the Audio Dock Air, Airplay speaker

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Wireless Performance with Airport Extreme or Airport Express 5 1,889  by Ron
iPhone 4S Compatibility 3 925  by Cindy
Streaming two different AirPlay┬« enabled devices simultaneously 2 1,463  by Cindy
What is AirPlay? 1 569  by Cindy
Hardware/Software Required? 1 867  by chom
Compatible Wi-Fi Standards with Airplay 4 1,020  by Cindy
Can I Stream Without Wi-Fi Connection? 1 806  by Cindy
Streaming AirPlay with a WEP Security Setting 1 966  by Cindy
Connection to Non AirPlay Device 1 738  by Cindy
Switching Playback Source 1 455  by Cindy
Streaming to More Than One Audio Dock Air at Once 1 622  by Cindy
Setting Audyssey Audio Dock Air Up in a New Location 1 1,154  by chom
Controlling iTunes Library from Device while Connected 1 492  by Cindy
Remote Control 5 889  by Cindy