Bass Management and LFE: NOT the same thing!

Should I use bass management in my AVR? What's the difference between the Subwoofer signal and the LFE signal?

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    Matt Williamson

    Thanks again Chris,

    Just trying to understand all this stuff and it can be confusing.  I was also reading comments from Ed Mullen at SVS that when you bump the channel trim in the AVR, that each few db increase above where audyssey sets it really puts strain on the subs.  Reason he stated is that 3 db above where audyssey sets the trim means the sub is putting out 41% more , and a 6db increase is roughly double the spl, so when I set the sub 6db hot in the AVR, it's essentially asking the sub to double the output.  If I increase the trim level by 6db, you're previous answer indicates that the spl output would be bumped in the sub channel by 6db, but he is saying the sub would be asked to double the power.  Is there a discrepancy here or am I just not understanding clearly? thanks

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    Audyssey Labs

    Hi Matt,

    I'm sure Ed is concerned about feeding the sub too high of a signal.  I've never seen this as a problem and always prefer the convenience of being able to precisely control the sub level from the AVR.  But, the other way is fine too.

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