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First, I love the massive improvement in audio quality when I used the Audyssey app. I had been so ignorant to the fact that my $120 iBeats weren't being used by my iPad (3rd gen) to their potential. I noticed that the Songza app had an option to choose headphones, and was blown away by the difference it made. So I did some digging and found out that Audyssey was responsible for it, and that there was a media player app. Awesome! I only have one issue. For some songs, the high end seems to clip... Example Song: Take Me There (Trip Lee), it's in iTunes - the finger snapping sound fuzzes... it's from about the halfway point to the end of the song. It's like the highs are clipping or something. The lows are great. - It sounds like when I used to use cheap headphones and I would get little shocks from time to time... the sound would fuzz and it felt like someone scuffed their shoes on a carpet and touched my ear. In this case, I'm not getting shocked, but it sounds the same as when that happened. This effect is not present in every song, but some songs have it quite bad. The Trip Lee song I listed above isn't bad, but it is annoying. I'm not sure if maybe the settings for the iBeats are slightly off, or if it's a limitation of the iPad 3, or maybe something else entirely. If this issue could be resolved, it would make this app killer for me. Thanks! Ryan
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    Michael Yates

    I'm experiencing the same thing, also using iBeats earphones. It's almost like a scratching distortion sound, and only in certain parts of some tracks. It's also consistent, replaying the problematic parts of tracks reliably causing the clipping sounds.

    I've also experimented with the tilt settings, thinking this may be related - however it seemed to make no difference, and the clipping / distortion still occurs.

    Ryan - couldn't agree more - It's really annoying, but the absolutely beautiful deep mellow bass and absolutely clarity that results com the combination of AMP and the iBeats is otherwise just incredible...

    (sorry - only just noticed this posting, and already posted a duplicate of this issue).

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