How do I get Audyssey for iOS7 NOT to show songs in the cloud

I want Audyssey on my iPhone to show ONLY songs I have manually moved to the iPhone, NOT any songs in the cloud (in my case, purchased from iTunes Music Store, as I do not used iTunes match).


I really hope there is a way to turn off the display of songs which were purchased from iTunes Music Store but AREN'T on my iPhone.


Sigh, the music player in iOS7 is a disaster for anyone who listens to music by album rather than by individual songs, such as classical music or jazz fans...


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    Fernando Blanco

    For as much as I love Audysseys sound improvement, the fact that it shows songs in iCloud makes it absolutely useless and a waste of money, please fix asap

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    Andrew Brownell

    As of March 2014 this hasn't been fixed. I am removing app, which is too bad. It was great while it lasted! Updating rating on iTunes to one star. What's the point of an app one can't use?

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